Official Website of Barishal Ex-Cadets' Association

The life of cadets is not just a 6 years journey that they spend within the boundary of Cadet College. Cadetship becomes a life-long journey. The identity they acquire and the fraternity and bonding they develop remain with them until the last day of their life. To nourish this eternal fraternity and uphold the spirit of Barishal Cadet College (BCC), BEXCA, or Barishal Ex-Cadets Association was formed in 1985.

Since then BEXCA has become a common space and a hub for connectivity among ex-cadets of not just BCC but of other cadet colleges too. Initially, this alumni organization’s scope of work was limited to fostering solidarity among ex-cadets by organizing reunions at college venue and get-togethers at Dhaka. But over the years it has extended its role to ensure the welfare of all cadets and their families, teachers and staff of BCC in career-related or any urgent humanitarian need.

In 2010 BEXCA bought its own office space in Dhaka with the fund they collected from different events and subscription fees from its member. Now BEXCA is planning to build a permanent establishment on its own land in Dhaka and Barishal which will emerge as a vibrant nucleus of fellowship and connectivity of the ex-cadets of BCC.

Since the foundation, BEXCA has hosted nine executive committees (ECs), the latest of which has most recently been elected on March 05, 2021. In that election, almost 900 ex-cadets registered as voters and 600 of them turned up to vote to choose the BEXCA leadership. This is the highest election turn out in the history of BEXCA which indicates that the ex-cadets of BCC are committed to the welfare and progress of BEXCA more than ever.